Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Legacy Lives On...

Some pretty great things happened this week.

I managed to pass the Hunter's Safety Course along side Rowdy.  I hope that he always remembers that his mom was there with him through the course even though I really wanted to be at home in my pajamas playing solitaire on the computer. I really wanted to beat that little shit  dollface on the written test.  I had planned out my victory dance (dancing is one of my talents), it included a lot of hip shaking and high kicks with finger pointing.. yelling "TAKE IT..TAKE IT".  I learned this victory dance a couple of years ago on American Idol from the crazy ass glitter girl and it never looses its spark.  

this is Glitter Girl..
He beat me..hummpppfff... he only missed one question on the written test and I missed two.  Rowdy being the better man never mentioned that he beat me.  He is so humble and kind.  This is a gifted child that does social exercises with children that have autism in his spare time, so of course he wouldn't victory dance in his mother's face...and he has a damn good victory dance..if it were me I would be showing it off every chance I got.  I'm still not sure where he got these traits because I certainly know they didn't come from whats-his-name and... I'm a gloater.  I admire these traits and try to emulate them although usually unsuccessfully.

I didn't make a fool of myself during the field testing like I had expected and had made myself a nervous wreck about this entire week.  This is a special ability I have...I can take just about anything and turn it into a disaster in my head.  If the tire pressure on a tire of the car is low..I am convinced that the car is on the brink of total distruction and picture myself on the road with the car blowing up...if the wind blows I'm convinced that a hurricane is hitting the state of WY..the roof comes off the house and my family is left without a get the point...basically a nervous breakdown waiting to happen.  I'm pretty sure this anxiety issue is my parents fault...mostly my mothers..probably because she doesn't think I have anything important to say.  Anyway...I manged to crawl through the barbed wire unscathed and with my hair intact..there was a girl that landed flat on her face...but it wasn't me!  *patting myself on the back here*  We had to demonstrate several shooting positions i prefer to call them poses, I have to say my least favorite was the "prone position".  I tell you why they call it 'prone'...because you are prone to getting dirty for are prone to come face to face with a bug or are prone to possibly not being able to get back up if you are over 40.  Lucky for me I'm a young 34 and didn't have a problem getting back up.

So we are officially "Safe Hunters".  After the test was completed Rowdy and I received our cards and badges (I think I am going to wear my badge everyday).  The teacher in charge said something about congratulations...blah blah blah...good luck hunting...blah blah blah...I smiled and said..."Thanks..but I'm a Target Shooter *sweet smile*...and zipped off in the VW Beetle...the car that he laughed at when I drove up and he asked.."Are you going to be hunting in this *chuckle chuckle chuckle*?"  He has an annoying high pitched chuckle.

Rowdy called his uncle Bubba (otherwise known as 'Uncle Girlfriend' by Trudy...don't ask) to tell him that he passed the course.  Bubba is the redneck uncle in the family with way more guns than a redneck uncle should have.  He is planning to take lil' Rowdy deer hunting this fall and was not one least bit scared to take us to the shooting range a couple of times before the course to "get us ready".  He didn't we headed to Grandpa's house to show off the badge of honor....

This is Uncle Bubba when he was a baby...he always had a little overbite
There is nothing like my dad's chuckle when something good happens in the family.  Rowdy went into my dad's house and in normal fashion.. as my dad does...he came down the hallway with his pants half hanging off his ass or where his ass should be anyway I'm not sure if he was born with an ass.  Rowdy showed him proudly his Hunters Safety card...and the big guy chuckled the way grandpa's do when they are proud of their grandkids.  He gave him the pat on the back and the small swat on the butt (this is G-pop's version of a hug).  He told him.."Well bring it in here so I can get a look.."  Rowdy followed him to the kitchen and they admired the card together as two hunters.  (yes I am crying here..cuz that's what I do)

G-Pops told Rowdy the reasons why he doesn't hunt anymore and disappeared down the stairs and brought up the same gun that I remember him using on the hunting trips that he 'let' me carry the heavy ass backpack on.  He told Rowdy it was his now.  G-Pops said..."This is yours now bud...well..I may go Elk Hunting this fall with Bubba....but I'm sure you will let me borrow it" and he winked at his little mini me.  Yes...his mini me...Rowdy has been a double of my dad since the day he was born  to the horror of my mother.  They are both incredibly smart asses.  Rowdy is a spitting image of my dad when he was a young man and I love it...I just hope that he doesn't steal cars etc like gramps...*scardy face* and although they are both right handed they are both left handed shooters.

The week was long and I spent most of it whining like a baby about how miserable I was.....but I feel so thankful that my son will be a hunter not only like my dad, but like all of his uncles and great-grandpa's.  So the legacy lives on...

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