Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Lucy is not this cute....
I drove by the library today thinking I really need to do more reading that isn't on the internet  and I giggled to myself.  There was a day last winter...which was like yesterday or maybe it is still here...hell if I know...anyway...I thought about this day I checked out books with crickets in my handbag a very cute Coach I might add. This day I had errands to run on my lunch hour and stopped by the pet store to get crickets for my very adorable but unsociable salamander.  Mind you I do not like reptiles...I got her to keep my co-worker's frog company.  In my mind the frog was lonely...and then Lucy (the said salamander) ate the frog and now I'm stuck with this slimy thing... Anyway...the crickets have to be alive..so I grabbed the crickets from the pet store and then remembered I needed to run to the library.  As I was getting out of the car I thought about the -45° weather and thought..."self...these suckers aren't gonna survive for five minutes"...so I shrugged and shoved em in my bag.  I had all sorts of thoughts as I was returning books and relishing in the literature around me.  I kept thinking about the crickets in my bag.  My favorite was the thought of the snotty librarian apparently I don't "look" like a reader screaming at the top of her lungs as I let the little fellers out of their bag all over her desk.  *smirk*  This made me wonder about the crazy stuff women carry in their bags.  I would love to go through women's bags randomly.  I'm extremely nosy like that...and I love bags...and I have a lot of them...mostly because I have a lot of shit.  Even if I'm carrying a small one...I usually have three others with me because if not I will 'need' something I don't have...like my favorite bobby pin ...or something else REALLY important.

The Snotty Librarian...OK not really...
I saw a game warden in town today too.  I can spot that green truck and red outfit..I mean shirt anywhere now.  It wasn't the cute one from my hunters safety class but I still followed him for a couple of miles...did you know these guys carry handcuffs...they DO!

Apparently I'm a worse mother than I had originally even thought.  I'm ashamed of myself.  Trudy got in the car with an official 'Congrats you have been selected for National Honor Society' letter.  I was so proud...I mean after all she clearly gets this from me...although I wasn't in NHS and barely had B's and C's because I was usually practicing my high kicks in the mirror ...I took the letter back to work so I could show it off the the girls.  I try not to be one of "those" mothers...but sometimes..most of the time...I can't help myself.  Everyone 'ewwed' and 'awwed' and we got back to work..well for a few minutes.  I'm a big fan of lists.  I make lists for everything.  I started to make a grocery list and then found myself jotting down acronyms for the names I like to call my ex-husband..i think I'm clever when I do this...on the back of the letter!  I caught myself quickly and was able to scribble them out...and with any luck she will never notice the purple scribbles on the back of the letter. *YIKES*  See...the reasons I'm a sucky mom are endless.  

Making a list of the many reasons not to get on the elliptical was also on the agenda for the day.  I am able to find reasons that don't even make sense if it means ultimately I won't find myself on this death machine...but several episodes of 'Sex In The City" were on and I had internal dialog with myself and we (me and my personalities) compromised and decided if I got on the death trap I would allow myself to indulge.  This show never gets old no matter how many times I have seen all of the episodes. 

Did I mention this elliptical thing really reminds me of running...and I don't run.  Yesterday while at the dentist office waiting for Trudy to get 3 very expensive fillings I was trying to entertain myself.  The only options where one lonely People mag, several National Geographic (boring) and a running magazine.  After I memorized the 'People' I had no alternative but to try to read 'Running World'..it sounds stupid even saying it.  Who reads this shit?  Give me the garbage..you know...a little Cosmo..Glamour...Star...the good stuff.

Skinny Bitch


  1. I cannot imagine owning a pet that I have to feed LIVE things to. Ew! I'm totally with you on the running thing though; no place for that in my life

    I just found you through the Cherry On Top award from the A Lot of Layers blog who gave it to Absolutely Narcissism....talk about layers :)

  2. Strangest things that I have stowed in my bag? Bullets, which isn't so strange with Special Agent hanging around, but the TSA trainee almost fainted. As did I, since I didn't know they were in there.

    Also, I snuck a couple of blizzard ice creams into the movie once with the smaller baboo. he was terrified we would be caught and I was showing him what a rebel I was. The movie before us had some mechanical difficulties and we had to wait longer than we intended....

    The baboo does NOT have a good poker face.

    I gave you an award today over at the layers, because I loves your new blog and shtuff. Check it.


  3. I once had to do a writing exercise where we looked at the contents of an anonymous person's bag (yes, some poor soul out there actually donated their bag to ravenous writing students) and then created a character study.

    I have no idea what I'd think if I discovered live crickets.

    Probably that you were a frog.