Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hail To The New Year

Disclaimer:  This post will NOT use the term AF in any sentence.  This seems to be a common thing on trendy news websites that think its cool.  (To my mom and her sisters:  AF translates to "As F*&ck".  I'm pretty sure there are more creative adjectives to use in writing.

My last post was in 2013.  I've been on break and more than likely will have another 3 year break after this post.  But, I have some new unimportant things to say.  Such as, my New Years Resolutions for 2016!  What else!  So here I go.

Most importantly, I am going to work towards making the book club I am part of of SUPER GREAT.  I should really be reading this months pick right now.  I see myself engaging and leading really smart book discussions over mini crum cakes and espresso.  It will be VERY classy and I might even talk in a British accent or break out some sweet southern hospitality.  The book talks could be at my house where there would NOT be a lick of cat hair on the furniture and I would let members sit on the cat couch yes the cats have their own sofa, judge us. I take cat ranching very seriously.  I will be showered and dressed in something other than a nightgown even though these fancy book talks will be on Saturday afternoon and I'm rarely dressed on the weekend and take pride in several levels of bed head.  I'm lazy.

Most people don't know I'm in a book club even though I try to brag about it every chance I get because I think it makes me seem smarter.  And also, because it's possibly the shittiest book club in book club history. I think the three of us are somehow proud of this.  Yes, three of us.

We are on our third book, which is Emma's pick.  Do you remember Emma?  She's the insanely smart microbiologist that tolerates me calling her my friend and even plays along and buys me fancy gifts for my birthday and Christmas.  She gives great gifts.  When Emma announced her pick I strongly announced "I'm NOT reading that book", which is terrible book club etiquette and not good behavior from someone how wants to lead the book talks.  They ignored me.

Barney had the first pick and he picked a 700 page book.  It seemed a little excessive.  So in turn I picked Loretta Lynn's first book knowing he would hate it.  It includes a lot of double negatives, awesomeness and good ol' southern charm.  In addition, our book talk for this will include watching the movie "Coal Miners Daughter" and personal copies of the soundtrack.  I can't get him to commit to coming over for the festivities. I personally love the lady and cry every time I watch the movie.  Maybe that's why Barney is hesitant.  He hates a crying woman.

We have yet to have a real book talk get together.  Isn't that a book club requirement?  So instead we are considering getting bad ass BOOK tattoos.  To prove how serious we are about reading. The thing about this club is that it was Barney's idea and he now seems very reluctant to be involved.  I think he under estimated me and Emma's love for reading.  And didn't think we would say yes because we normally tell him NOOO when he thinks of dumb ideas.

I have other big plans for 2016.

Volunteer.  I have an organization in mind and am so eager to be part of something bigger than myself.  I want to make other people feel important.

Wine.  I'm going to drink A LOT more wine.  (I'm gonna need it for the next two items.  I believe in setting myself up for success.)

To STOP taking things personal. To take things personally is really selfish.  When I take things personally, I am really just making everything about myself and no one needs that.

To be impeccable with my words. (Impeccable. Not rude) To say exactly what I mean or not say it at all.  This is hard for me because sometimes it requires saying "no" and can hurt feelings.  I hate hurting feelings.  I'm drinking wine now just thinking about it.

Embrace vulnerabilities and express them to my people.  The people that love me.

I will stop changing my relationship status on Facebook to "in a relationship" with my favorite Starbucks drink at the moment.

AND Last but not LEAST.  I will avoid all political posts on social media.  I will work to come to terms with these facts : 1. I'm not always right and 2. It's very unlikely I will change minds or that mine will be changed.