Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life Is About Changes.... has already been established that I'm a horrible mother...One of my best girlfriends.. Alyster... pointed out a couple of other reasons today why I should be the "No Good Horrible Mother Club President".  I think it is cute how she is supportive like that.

OK... I get that I had kids early in life.. sorry about freaking you out mom.... I don't think that makes me so bad...but I have been doing all of this team mom, dance mom, PTO Treasurer, Family Fun Night, Family Bingo Night , cake baking, committee this...committee that, fundraising, choir, school programs, blah blah blah...barfffff....for many years and I'm tired of it and I am ready to let others step in.

A couple of nights ago Rowdy had his first baseball practice for the season and when I found out that the coaches wife is and always is the team mom...I accidentally let out a squeal of delight...and did a high kick with a small hip swing.  I will be sitting on the bleachers cheering on my all american baseball player and spitting sunflower seeds through the holes in the chain length fence (with Trudy of course..she is really good at this spitting thing).  I will not be chasing parents down like a delusional freak for fundraising money.....or to give them the "Everyone needs to help score keep" speech.  I won't be frantically putting handouts together after work, calling parents, trying to get the sweatshirt logo just right and then getting stiffed on payments for sweatshirts and socks.

The beginning of June Trudy will be driving on her own and I won't have daily taxi runs to and from the softball fields.  I will be filling up my spare time with art classes and zumba...I will pick at my flowers and water them regularly... not on the way out of the driveway... and the dirt pusher and I will take those walks that I like.... the ones where i do all the talking and he agrees with everything I say.


  1. We actually recruited a few kids so their Mom would be the team Mom. I break the Coach's wife rule with reckless abandon. Hey, if you are the President, can I join your club? My current membership to the "cocktail mom" group may expire.