Friday, April 29, 2011

It's OOOKKKK to let your crazy out....occasionally

This is my spin off of "Hey..It's OK" that comes monthly in my Glamour magazine.  This is the first page I turn to when I get it.  I have my own list of It's OK's.  Here are a few that crossed my mind today...
To despise any and all coverage on the royal wedding.  No one me cares.

To eat french fries, Hershey kisses and diet soda for supper while watching Sex in the City reruns...the diet drink cancels out the others...simple math people....

To let laundry from vacation multiply in the laundry simply walk by...look...and close the door.

To not even make it to your room when you get home from work before you start peeling off your clothes and searching for your pajamas while on the phone with your mom.

To hold your boobs up where they should be when looking in the mirror naked...and calculate the cost of a lift.

To wish that the boy you take to school in the morning would not talk...some people me and Trudy don't like chatter in the morning....

To wear what makes you feel good...even if it is the source of jokes by the people that call themselves your FRIENDS!  (yeah betches...I'm talking to you)

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  1. All awesome suggestions. I hear you on the boobs. Just sad.