Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'll Take The Cherry On Top

Today = Blahhhhh

I think running out of the house this morning with only one leg in my pants, my underwear on inside out and no good options for shoes may have set the mood for the day.  I almost didn't have time to stop and get my coffee which was really a source of panic...but I threw Rowdy out of the car going through the school parking lot going 30mph and that made up a couple of minutes. 

I should go buy new shoes...that usually perks me up.

The stupid raining/snowing weather is really starting to piss me off.

This stupid are you seeing a trend here...everything is stupid to me today...i think I have been hanging out with my teenagers too much....weight loss plan I have been on for over a month is really starting to piss me off too.  I call it the WW123...and I am hungry which tends to make me grouchy.

My neck and shoulders hurt so bad that I have had a 7 day headache that is making me would think vomiting would help the WW123 plan along but I'm not that probably don't need to know that.. but the dirt pusher is at work and I don't have anyone to bitch to about it.  Plus if I bitch to him and ask him to  rub my shoulders he will just think I'm trying to send subliminal hints that I want to get down and dirty....the bags under my eyes and raggedy sweat pants will go unnoticed I'm sure.

Rowdy had D.A.R.E. graduation today.  I'm officially convinced that he may be the most handsome boy in the 6th tell me....

This is the little smart ass....

The two ladies I sat by just love this child and have not wised up to his ways yet...I got to hear "oh little Rowdy...he is so smart...blah blah blah" I just sat there with a confused look on my face. They don't know the child like I do.  I just heard him say "faggot" while playing Xbox again and he leaves a trail everywhere he goes.  He would live in a constant state of disaster if he could and I am very worried about the woman he will marry someday because he does not have the aptitude to listen.  I can ask him to do one small task and for a child that is a 'genius' he will get to the next room and not know why he is there.  Maybe tuning women out is something that is just part of the male DNA...who knows.  When he isn't making a mess he is talking about girls.  Right now I am listening him tell his friend on the phone "Oh who does she like"..."Oh Well she said she liked me today"..."Did you give her my number"..."Well..we will just be single and do whatever we want".  Do these people know they are 12?  "Do whatever you want"?  Yeah right...only with my permission first.  

My day turned up when I read the Onion's blog for today.  I am very excited for the Onion and her sister (whom I absolutely adore).  They are on a trip for the Onion's niece through the Make A Wish program.  It is really an amazing story..I highly recommend you follow the Onion on A Lot Of Layers and learn about the little miracle they call "Madzilla" and all about the Onion's layers.  The Onion named me for "The Cherry On Top" award in her blog today...and I'm not gonna lie...I thought for a moment I was famous and almost pissed myself because I was jumping up and down and had way too much coffee today.  What am I saying..I have too much coffee everyday...but whatever.  I can't prove it but I think the Onion has a crush on me...ever since she started following my blog two days ago she keeps talking about getting felt up by the TSA officials...coincidence..I think not....*smirk* 

The rules for the award are to name three things you like about yourself.

1.  I like that I don't have the ability to lie.  (except about the jelly beans I may or may not have shoved in my mouth on my way to get on the elliptical..wasn't me...)

2.  I like the way I can go a whole day talking in a southern accent without missing a beat.

3.  I like that I can take the fun out of anything if given the opportunity..I think this is an important parenting skill.

The Cherry On Top award also requires that I share 5 blogs that I follow and love.  I am new to the blogger I don't have 5 yet.  But I promise that when I find the Fab will be the first to know.


  1. Seriously, i do have a crush on you. I would stalk you, but I am just too lazy.

    The thing they don't tell you is, once the relationship becomes familiar, there is no such thing as a free back rub anymore...

    Thanks for the shout out...

  2. I hate when days start like that! I agree, though, that shoe shopping makes it all better. Hell, any retail therapy that doesn't involve groceries does wonders for morale. I too have gotten compliments about my children and have wondered "who are they talking about?". I'm thinking that our kids only have "just so much" politeness and helpfulness in them so they save it all for outsiders. After all, we're just MOM.