Friday, November 23, 2012

My Thanksgiving Post

I am Thankful for:

-  Lists.  I love lists, they make me feel so productive and I love to post in lists because then I don't actually have to write full paragraphs, that is just exhausting.
-  That my computer took a crap the day before the Black Friday/Thursday sales, and a friend that will sit in line with you for hours with nothing to gain personally other than being a good friend.
-  The messy kitchen, because my kids are healthy and able to make messes.
-  Traditional Thanksgiving food.  Stop trying to mess with perfection people.  It is simple.  Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole (yes the pilgrims LOVED French's onions), rolls, and pie.
-  Black Ops, given to my son by a friend.  Being poor sucks, but friends make it less sucky.
-  Yoga pants.  That have NEVER been to yoga.  The closest thing I do to yoga is shaving my legs or bending over to pick up the piece of brownie I dropped on the floor.  
-  Toilet paper and indoor plumbing.
-  Seeing my friend that I have been so worried about and miss horribly, and having peace in my heart that she is OK.  She is one of the most genuinely nice people I know and is a good example of perseverance.  Love her.
-  Missing my mom.   It means that I appreciate my time with her and I feel lucky that she is still on this earth to re-unite with.
-  The broken down computer that my sister gave my son.  His goals to rebuild a computer are now more real to him.
-  That even though Thanksgiving will never be the same for my sister and me, it gives us the opportunity to make new kinds of memories that wouldn't have have been made without the changes life brings.
-  My niece and her most adorable dance moves.  She can shake that booty!  And the way her sister copies everything she does.  Two booty shakers in da house!
-  Modern Medicine - Intrauterine/fetal surgery to fix a babies spine so she can have a happy healthy life.  To see god's the video below...Love this kid.

-  Kids with jobs.
-  Dad's in suspenders.
-  Coffee.
-  Books.
-  Sarcasm.
-  Music and Dancing.
-  Being silly.
-  Being Me.