Sunday, April 10, 2011

North South East ...whatttttt...

Put me in a a town/city that is not my own...I turn into an instant idiot.

Normally I consider myself to be somewhat intelligent hard to tell by my poor grammar/spelling sometimes and I seem to function pretty well as an adult in my humble opinion nobody asked you mom.. 

The dirt pusher and I have three teenage daughter's.  Livvy and Trudy had volleyball games in a town a couple of hours away and MiMi had a tournament in town.  We decided I would take the two youngest and hit the road and the dirt pusher would stay home to watch MiMi.  He hasn't had a chance to watch MiMi play much and the other girls have tournaments the next couple of weekends that he will be able to this made sense...i shouldn't be allowed to cross borders alone.

Being the responsible obsessive adult that I am.  I map quested the directions...and yahoo mapped them...msn mapped them, e-directioned them..anyway...then I remembered I don't read maps or follow directions well.  So I called my mom.  I don't know why I do this...i think to torture myself.  I can always count on her to be no help what so ever...but she is my go-to person...sooo I pretty much call her for everything.  She will say something like "oh yeah...that is the big building by the park... we were there when you were 2yrs old for your dad's company picnic.." then she will mumble to herself something about "where did he work then?...I can not for the life of me remember the name of that company".  OK...this is where I remember why I don't shouldn't call this woman for directions.  I figured I would wing it.  I didn't want to but it beat asking the dirt pusher to help me.  He speaks in North East South West.  This is not a language I am fluent in.  I recognize it when I hear it...but...but meeee nooo comppprrreeehheendddee'. (I rolled my R there.)

Okay so he (the guy that pushes dirt) calls me as I am rolling into 'out of town'.  I mention something about how I really don't know how to get to the gym that the girls need to be at.  He says "Oh well I will text you the directions".  There was a lot of 'no problem' in his voice.  He sends the text and this is what it says:  Take a right on D Ave. go south until you get to West C Street at West C Street take a right and go west.  Once on West C Street keep heading west until you get to the stop light and go south.  This is were I am reconsidering the engagement.  This man clearly does not know me yet...then I decide he does...he just has high hopes for me...which is kind of cute.

I managed to find my way with the help of a cute couple in a quick stop..the woman spoke my language..rights and lefts.  Finding my way was not any help of Trudy's....she babbled in the backseat the whole time not contributing anything helpful at all except in pointing out that I ran what I called a four way stop which I ran three more times that day and then later almost ran head into a median..oh and I may or may not have almost hit a couple of pedestrians ...and she pointed out it was actually a THREE-way stop.  She thinks she is an expert on driving now and I was too busy to get into the details because I was busy running the stop sign, talking on the phone and texting.  I know...I don't normally do it but I was trying to get directions damnit!

We managed to get home safely and not even that late considering I had to 'run' by the mall.  The dirt pusher says it is his only wish before he teach me directions.  Apparently the sun is always in the south when it is dead noon...he told me this...OK...and how is that helpful?

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  1. Frankly, I think men have it all wrong. Turn left at the red house with the mangy dog always works for me too. Landmarks rule!