Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I think they would love my knees...

I have this friend (Leesha)...she is heartwarmingly annoyingly optomistic.

The doer of all...she makes me feel inadequate...and honestly sometimes I would like to kick her in the shins...but she lives too far away...

She sets no boundries and has a million and three things going at once...she has a high stress top secret job...three at home businesses...leader of youth group at church..always has time to go to lunch with her friends...runs kids every direction and always has people in her home for her good cooking yes the bitch cooks too...I'm thankful she doesn't scrapbook every second of her life too or I would be forced to defriend her...and not just on Facebook.

Apparently she doesn't have enough to do...because she has now taken on the belief that she can make me famous with this unimportant bologna I like to dish about.  She told me a couple of weeks ago that I should see about possibly submitting writing to magazines or whatever ...I don't know exactly what she said... I wasn't really listening..because I was playing Farkle.  I told her that I would look into it...this is what I do to get her off my back...

I didn't even know she knew I had a blog and didn't know she was reading it.  She has yet to 'follow' me or 'like' my Facebook page....and I didn't want to bother her with it.

Today she says to me..."omygosh...guess what!"  She explained that she likes "The Voice".  I'm not sure what this is...I assumed it was a band or something...and she proceeds to explain to me it is a TV show...she should know I don't watch TV...so I wouldn't know what it is but whatever...After explaining about following so and so and so and so on Twitter she exlaims.."and Ce-Lo Green is now following me!" 

She is for sure that I needed to post my website on my Twitter page and unlock it...because..after all Ce-Lo will want to follow me too....yeah...uhh...huh...I bet he will just be waiting for each and every new post with unbearable anticipation.

When I was half listening to Lessha talk a couple weeks ago about submiting something to a magazine...I instantly thought...Playboy...my writing with sleezy pictures.  Not my body of course...but it would be very easy to photoshop my head on a hot bod....or even better....just post pictures of body parts...a foot...or a knee...keep the guys going you know...?

Maybe I'm setting my expectations too high...but I think I have great knee's.


  1. What happened to the code name?? lol

  2. I am glad to see I am not the only one to see that Leesha is a total overachiever!

  3. I love that Leesha!!! She's my favorite. lol!

  4. If Leesha wants to make me and my blog drivel famous, I am all over it. Especially if there is money, wine or doughnuts involved.