Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't Worry...It's Just His Wenis...

I need to write something down.  I'm feeling stifled in the analytical world I live in everyday from 8-5.

'Who's On First'

I've Thought about telling everyone about the Abbot/Costello/Dustin Hoffman look alike from the ball fields on Sunday that appeared to be doing 'Who is on First' to himself.  He was actually on the phone doing a running commentary on the game to another person on the phone... but you couldn't tell really because his hood was up...hiding his blue tooth.  He looked like Dustin Hoffman and sounded like him too.... 

Or I could write about how Oma has a new boy toy..*cough* I mean boyfriend.  She has been dating Mr. Retired Policeman for a couple months now...and I have yet to meet him. I feel like its only a given that I put him through an intense interrogation...including a lie detector test.  I'm sure he can take it...but I'm pretty sure she is embarrassed of me...and my sister too!  And my sister is the sweet one....MRP was coming over for dinner last night and I mentioned I should come over and eat cuz I like eating mostly and she said " are not Rosa Lynn"...I always knows she is serious when she breaks out the middle name.

I could also write about how Trudy sits at the kitchen table and talks to me did I  mention she talks a lot?  She also watches herself in the reflection of the patio door as she talks too.  She just talks...admires her reflection ...and practices making faces.  It is very hard to focus on someone that is busy looking at themselves as they talk...although I'm glad she likes herself.

I could write about how Stella had surgery knee replacement.  She was doing pretty well when I checked on her after work loooooppyyy....Apparently I had just missed my dad.  This man is...well prolly not the person you want at your bedside.  Don't get me wrong..he is adorable...
see...adorable...wrapped up in one furry package
But well...lets see he may have mentioned to her right before she went into surgery that my friend DNorm passed away...this was as they were wheeling her into the OR...the poor woman has been a wreck for weeks leading up to this surgery...this was not a good time to pass on this bit of info.  After the surgery the monitor for the IV kept buzzing and the nurse came in to fix it the first dad took this as a training session as he peered over the nurse's shoulder...the next time it went off he took it upon himself to push a few buttons and make the buzzing stop himself.  He is soooo helpful and cute.  This is a man that can't remember how to answer his cell phone when it rings and thinks shutting down a computer means unplugging it.  Prolly not the guy you want in charge of your IV's after major me crazy.  I think Stella was glad he left after he did his damage...and created hostile nursing staff.  She was extremely bothered by not being able to move her legs and said "I'm used to being able to bend them..move them around..and swing em around my neck."  I'm pretty sure the pain meds she is on are reeeaaallly good.

Maybe I could write about Arnold and his "Very Bad Behavior".

Or...I bet everyone would love to hear about the dirt pushers elbow injury.  This is an 'injury' that he got while playing volleyball with the girls.  I can not see anything wrong with his damn elbow.  He says if he holds it out straight and pushes on hurts reallllly bad...he is such a baby.  This has led to several wenis jokes. Definition of Wenis "How is your wenis"...."Your wenis looks like it hurts"..."Do you want me to rub your wenis"..."Your wenis looks swollen"....I am getting several hours of wenis pleasure...*wink*


  1. Swing 'em around your neck. Bwahaha...They shouldn't let people in when you are doped up like that. Or have had 4 martinis.