Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beaches...and Bleaches....

We made it barely through the airports and into California.  There was a storm passing through Salt Lake City so we had to fly in circles for a while waiting for it to pass.  Rowdy started to look green.  I can not count on two hands how many times I have cleaned up vomit in public places.  If you are ever in a Schlotzsky's...think of me...this is a particularly fond memory I have...trying to clean up vomit off of the men's room floor on my hands and knees with brown paper paper towels that have a -50% absorption.

Due to the extra time in the air...we had only a few minutes to get to the gate for our next flight.  My mother apparently thought that everyone around us on the plane would care.  She rudely announced to everyone that we needed to get off of the plane first because our next flight was about to board.  To her one cared...and she was VERY put out by the 'old' couple in front of us walking very slowly...because they would not listen to her.

We got off of the plane...and I was the leader.  The directionally challenged leader...meanwhile... while I was trying to figure out where to mom cornered a lady that worked for the airport and told her that our plane was boarding...she seems to think everyone is waiting for her.   She was sure that this lady could radio the plane and they would hold it....JUST for us.  The lady had a very blank stare on her face.

We made the flight .....thanks to the reclining feature on the airplane seats..I got this view in my face for an hour and half ....I think this guy uses more product in his hair than I do....
Blonde?...I think not....


  1. Oh my, sounds like "fun". My hat's off to you Rosa; I'm not sure that I could travel with my mother for more than an hour.

  2. The reclining seat is just buillshit, isn't it? It really only reclines a bit, but in the sardine design of air travel that is just enough to look at someone's hair bald spot the whole flight and have the tray jammed in your lap.

    The blonde with the beard is wrong on so, so, so many levels.