Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Boy Has Coins...And He Isn't Afraid To Use Them...

At the airport...again...

Vacation was great.

Can we have another?

I'm not finding anything very humorous today.  On the way back to the airport I found that I need to cut my vacation a day short to finish a project for work that I was reassured didn't need to be done until I got back to work..."oh nooo rush...blah blah.."  Holiday over..."We are in a rush"...typical.  Oh well...I miss the betches anyway. 

And guess what....back to rain/snow.  Isn't that nice?  I really think I could escape and hide in Disney Land.  I looked for places to hide while I was there.  I think it could be done and am shocked no one has tried.  Who wouldn't want to live in the Magic Kingdom?

Trudy is a real dream today too.  Between her beautiful personality and mine today...I sort of feel bad for Rowdy and Oma.

Poor Oma is doing the low to high pitched "huhhhh" ...over and over because she can't hear what me and Trudy are mumbling about.

The TSA dudes had a hay day with little Rowdy.  He is an numismatist...that means coin collector..I know I didn't know either...But I'm gonna use the word over and over now.  I bet it will make me sound really smart.  He INSISTED that he bring along coins to show Uncle JB.  Uncle JB collects too...so they looooveee to coin talk.  Needless to say...the lady scanning bags...didn't know what to think...so they strip searched the boy....no not really...but almost.  He does look sort of dangerous if you take off your glasses, squint...and cock your head to the right...but mostly he is just annoyingly intelligent.

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