Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crossing Borders For Dummies

Went to a different state a few weekends ago.  Trudy plays every sport known to man and it requires quite a bit of traveling.  You would think that this would make me a seasoned traveler...this is not the may have gotten that drift in Trophy Shot or maybe North, South, East...WHAT!  Anyway... regardless  of this directional disability...I had to cross state lines.

My friend KC (the same friend I was chatting with when I had the temper tantrum in Walmart and lost my cell phone a few weeks ago...yeah her...Hidden Fantasy) she lent me her GPS.  Wow....that is all I can say.  I got in the where I needed to go...I didn't cause or almost cause any major accidents and was relatively calm and actually fun to be with in the car...ask Truds...she will tell ya.  The lady's voice on the GPS talking really startled me every time she spoke at first...I jumped a lot...but eventually I fell in love with her..I call her Greta.  In the car I was actually the independent woman I normally am.  So to my KC...I love you...but I really like your Greta. *wink*

This GPS thing is way more reliable that my flighty airheaded mother or the dirt pusher who thinks the world revolves around the sun ok it does whatever and doesn't understand my inability to grasp the concept.  My momma is the woman I found walking home yesterday as I pulled into the driveway...with her vehicle no where in sight.  I said..."uhhh what are you doing and where is your truck"...the look on her face was she said "oh damnit I forgot my truck".  Really? walk home and totally forget you have a vehicle that you left behind? her defense...the vehicle was right around the corner at the neighbors where she decided to stop at the last moment and she has been up for several days pumping water out of her flooding basement so she is rightfully a bit loopy...but my point is...a Greta would be a much more reliable source of direction.

I had made a comment on Facebook about going to the certain state in question and my friend Leeesha saw know the one that thinks she can make me famous.  Well actually her husband TimmyR saw it and of course called her and said "Did you see Rosa's post?"  They do this.  Text, IM, chat..whatever...constantly. Long story short...I wasn't aware that the place I was going to was so close to her place of habitat.  I don't know these things and was actually quite pleased with myself that I was actually able to get where I needed to go...just me and Greta....even if I didn't actually know where I was didn't matter..Greta knew.  I also couldn't be bothered by the fact that I couldn't remember where exactly I was going or the name of it...there were two towns that both started with an "L".  Who knew that two towns starting with the same letter of the alphabet could be so confusing.

I'm getting a Greta.

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