Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stats for the Weekend

Warning:  I know I should be taking a break from yapping about the dirt pusher...but he is a constant source of amusement...I will stop after today....maybe..

500 Miles -  Round Trip to Nebraska and back in the the Yukon that I have hated, cussed and attempted to stab with sharp objects multiple times....but I would like to give the ol' beast a shout out for not only getting the dirt pusher and the 'Hockey Sticks' the dirt pushers girls to Grand Forks, ND and back last week but also our family to the fine state of NE you know you are in NE when everyone around you is driving like idiots...that is what the dirt pusher said..not me and back....I think the ol' girl just might be redeeming herself in my book..other than the fact I can't stand people who drive over sized vehicles.  So apparently I can't stand myself...but when you have a ton of kids...what are the options?  I will tell you what the options are...1. Don't take them with you...which is my favorite...or 2. Duct tape them on the luggage rack this is the dirt pushers idea...which is frowned  upon by DFS ....apparently so is screaming at them and chasing them around the yard with a flyswatter...but whatever..

80 Million - The number of times that the dirt pusher slammed the TomTom onto the dashboard...he claims this always gets it working again...umm....maybe this is why it doesn't work in the first place...which isn't true...this might work for him but I tried banging it on the dashboard and it still wouldn't work....maybe I need to put  more muscle behind it....he said you have to bang it on something and then touch the key pad really gently...what? it...bang it really hard...then touch gently...Did I mention I didn't Google the directions the night before because he said "Don't worry...I got the TomTom"...uhh yeah okay note to self...Google the damn directions.

12 Hundred - The number of times that the Sirius Radio shorted out...another one of the many electrical gadgets that the dirt pusher has managed to duct tape together and still  insists works just fine.  Every time it would go out he would say "mmummble mummble friggin"...friggin is his favorite cuss word.  He doesn't think using the eff word is appropriate so he says friggin....adorable...*smirk*  I say the eff word.  I'm shocked he hasn't duct taped my filthy mouth....

1 - Tornado cloud and one huge storm.  I guess this is the heartland of tornado alley...the girls were convinced this was our last living moment...but don't worry ...the dirt pusher got us through it all while finagling the Sirius....oh and saying 'friggin' ALOT....

1 - The number of creepy guys cheering Trudy on while she was pitching in a girls fastpitch game.  I have a tendency to talk to just about anybody really.  I noticed this creepy stranger mumbling to himself regarding the game..although I couldn't tell which team he was rooting for.  So of course I struck up convo with the creep...its what I do..I talk to anybody...I like strangers...I'm especially fond of weirdo's.  One of the many ways my parents have one taught me 'Stranger Danger'.

8 hours - Of Trudy and MiMi talking in their if their non stop talking isn't enough when they are awake.....I think it is cute when we stuff our whole family in one hotel room...its cozy...and we get to know each other in ways we normally don't....for instance i didn't know that Rowdy has turned into a hormonal pre-teen that will try to snuggle with his step sister if he thinks he can get away with it...little freak.


  1. easy on the nebraska Stuff I lived there for many years and am pondering moving back!!

  2. don't do it Corrbeee will turn into a horrible driver....