Thursday, June 30, 2011

ohh...this ol' thing...

these are the looks I'm trying to avoid...while lying
I have a confession to make...yeah I know its not Sunday...don't worry I have plenty more.

I lie to the dirt pusher.

Not about important things...just when I buy new clothes and jewelry...oh and shoes.  I'm not even married to the guy yet and I'm already lying...and about the money in my own damn bank really makes no sense.  I know I shop too much...but....I can't help myself...and what I don't understand is how a guy with little need for any more than just ONE of ANYTHING...notices tiny details like if I have a new pair of earrings on.  Seriously?...he doesn't even notice that he has scuffs on his new shoes unless I say something...or paint on his new flip flops...yes people he painted in his brand new flip flops...I may rip his face off. 

So sometimes to avoid my internal guilt..I lie.  Don't judge me.  I will say something like "'ve had this forever"...and then I look away....because I can't stand to look him in they eye this guy NEVER lies.  It's not because he really cares or would be upset or anything...and he knows all my bad habits and somehow can look past them really there is no reason to fib I'm saying fib now cuz it makes me feel better about lying. And don't get me wrong I'm not one of those people with credit card debt out the ass...I'm debt free other than my mortgage and Trudy's car payment would rather have a Harley....but still.. I should put more money in savings and do whatever responsible horribly dressed people do...invest or whatever.

Today I got by him with a whole new outfit including earrings and a big flower ring totally cute.  Luckily I only saw him for a little bit because I was getting off of work and he was going to work....we were chit chatting at my moms and I was on one of my long winded babbling spree's and I could tell he was up and downing me...but he didn't want to interrupt my important babble..and by tomorrow he will have forgotten #winning.... so the next time he sees the outfit..I can say..."oh no..remember I was wearing this last Thursday." 

This is something we are working on..not interrupting each other mostly him because I have important things to say because when you get two people together that have ADD...the conversation is incredibly annoying. 

And for the my opinion..the whole new outfit thing isn't totally my fault ...really.  I was actually going to the liquor store to purchase some Margarita mix don't judge me and just happened to notice two of my favorite clothing stores side by side on my way.  I'm not sure who decided to place these two clothing stores right next to Albertson's liquor store...but...I'll tell you what I think...pure genius. 

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