Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good News...He is keeping his Tooth..I mean Teeth...

I hadn't seen the dirt pusher for a day and was feeling kind of lonely without him in my hair....but he is back.  So now I can bitch about him being in my hair.
the dirt pusher and his dentist...cute eh'...
He spent the night in a near by town to get Livy off on the airplane a few mornings ago...she was picked from this region to go to NY for a developmental camp for hockey yeah she is a BAMF...we got tough girls in the family and we are broke from supporting their habits.... and it worked out that he had a dentist appointment in the same area.  It was good to see him when he got home with his sparkly teeth..bitching about his mouth hurting...he is such a baby...remember when his wenis hurt for like a month?.....His Friggin Wenis Hurts

He insists on seeing the dentist at this town 100 miles away when we have pretty good dentists here right in town and frankly I get a little defensive because I think my dentist is the best out there he knows I need Zanax and doesn't judge me...even for a cleaning...*hey Dr. B* But I shouldn't complain because ...well...he is going to the dentist.  One of the many ways I would like to pat myself on the back for changing his life.  He got home and insisted his dentist is really great as I rolled my eyes..cuz I know my dentist is the best...and followed that with..."he is a hunter".  I'm thinking to myself...OK?...Apparently being a hunter makes him a good dentist? 

I don't know if you remember but not that long ago I completed Hunters Safety.  Please see exhibit A: I'm not a Hunter

There are a lot of things in this course that I learned....that would probably actually make me think that...say...a hunter isn't the first person I want sawing/drilling/hacking..whatever.. on my jaw or anywhere near my face hunters use saws people and I like my face.  Please remember as you read this...I  have nothing personal against dad, uncles...blah blah blah...are all hunters....but I would never let any of them touch one of my teeth.

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  1. MY ex wife is a dentist and there is no well in gods's green earth is she ever touching my teeth....even when i was married to her!