Sunday, August 7, 2011

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

Diamonds...Are a Girls Best Friend...sort of...

I lost THE diamond in the damn ring.

The diamond in my engagement ring. I thought I had a heart attack for a second...but don't worry..I seem to be being gone from work right now is not an option...even for death. 

It's funny thing I learned is that when you tell someone you lost the diamond in your ring...they all look down immediately..scanning the if they are going to find it...and as if you haven't already looked for chrimeny's sake I'm not sure who chrimeny is...but my mom says that all the time so I figure who ever it is...they must be important

I'm not going to lie...I was a little annoyed but wasn't really all that upset. I figured the jewelry company would handle it...I'm sure these things happen all the time...and really in the grand scheme of life...what did it change? Nothing...I didn't have a diamond...that's it. The dirt pusher still loves me...I love him.....our kids are still annoyingly needy..we have a Yukon that always needs worked on...our kids break the bank with all of their expensive sport travels...and the house still needs tons of work done on it...and we are healthy..have good on the table...who needs diamonds...when you got love...right?....*smirk* I'm totally gonna see if they will put a bigger diamond in...

I called him at work to find out if he had insurance on it or whatever. He gave me directions to the well hid insurance papers etc. and I took it all to the jeweler...and as I figured they are going to make it right. After I left the jewelry store I texted the man that pushes dirt..and told him what was up...and that I was going to wear the wedding band for now...his response was "Good idea...I don't want someone snagging you." 

For a second I smirked at the thought that he thinks that men are just waiting for him to look sweep me off of my feet far far from him..that they stand in the sidelines just waiting to make their move...and I thought to myself "you know what...I'm gonna let him think that".  

The truth of the matter is that if someone stole me ...they would bring me back very quickly.

And as quickly as I thought I held the power in the relationship...he brought me back to reality...  he says "Yeah...No one else can handle you." ....owwwchhhh....whatever

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