Monday, January 2, 2012

missed them?' maybe..

Christmas Break is over....

The kids are all back.  They have all been gone since last Wednesday leaving me and the dirtpusher alone ewwlaaaaa.  It has been like heaven.  I have spent most of my time sleeping, reading, and writing..and playing super awesome wife that cooks...not my typical 'get a hotpocket..they are nutritious' act.  Did you notice there was no mention cleaning and taxiing?  Well vacation is over.  They are back in full force.

Mimi and Livy were gone to the state next door doing hockey stuff and Trudy and Rowdy were spending time with the WWDBFF that stands for wandering wee douche bag fucker face..... otherwise known as 'the father'. 

They have all slowly trickled back in. 

Mimi and Livy got back in time to party it up for New Years Eve.  They came...they showered...they left again.  I tried to make them feel guilty for leaving me alone on New Years with the dirtpusher on night shifts...but I didn't phase them.  Livy did actually look like she cared for a second and had a sweet voice when she said...'well... you can go to Grams'.  I was in bed by 9:30...and Mimi didn't bother coming home.  I only mention this small transgression because after reading my blogs...she likes to brag about how she is the 'good kid'...and I never have to talk shit about I do the other kids.  Well needless to say the dirtpusher had a different outlook on it than me and Mimi...he seems to think it is a bigger issue than we do.  He thinks children should let their parents know where they are...see how I'm being the good stepmom here...I love not having to be the responsible parent.

Rowdy and Trudy came home today.  Rowdy was here for about 6 seconds and then on down the street to somebody else's house.  Trudy of course has been here and has been doing her typical.... talking talking talking talking talking talking.

I thought I would put myself out and cook dinner.  I prepared steak in some marinade for the day...made baked potatoes, green beans and salad.  And this my friends is why I don't cook..well a couple of them...mostly I'm just lazy....but...please see the following exhibits... 

Exhibit One:
meat makes me vomit
Me and Mimi don't like meat.  When Mimi found out I was cooking steak she thought I should make her a special meal that girl is nuts...(you can't please everyone I have found out..and I don't try)..and I thought I could choke it down for one meal...but yeah...I couldn't do it.  Then midmeal Trudy decided that we were trying to trick her into eating wild game and decided she didn't like hers either.  So after about 5 minutes we were all piling our meat on the dirt pushers plate while he was out of the room for a slit second...including Rowdy.  Rowdy figured there must be something wrong with it and was mysteriously "not hungry" basically we ate potatoes and salad.

Exhibit Two:
Trudy in mid sentence about god only knows what...spilled her plate everywhere.  I may have looked at her like i was going to rip her face off and she burst out bawling "STOP YELLING AT ME".  ummmm...yelling? point doesn't pay for me to cook supper.

Yes...the kids are home.

Tomorrow we are having cereal.

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