Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Look

It's hard to look.....

This is what the doorway coming in from our garage looks like.  This does not include other entryways into the house...the boxes filled in the garage....the piles in closets....or bags in storage....

I'm not sure what to do.  There are six of us living in a house built for a perfect family of know the one that has a mom and dad and one son and one daughter.  Well we are an imperfect family of 6...7 if you count the one that flew the roost.  If you don't believe me read this ....Click Here

I asked the dirtpusher if he had any suggestions for the growing mountain...probably not my best start.  When I met him he had exactly one pair of shoes.  He does not see the need for more than one of anything and especially not shoes.  Although I feel that I am slowly teaching him the enjoyment of a few pairs of everything....different types. 

Someday I will have to tell about our first date...he showed up in plaid shorts, knee socks and clown shoes...(bless his heart)...not to mention it was hard for me to disguise my look of complete shock when he took off his ball cap and I saw he has the same hair do as my dad.  You know bald on top and a strip in the back...but that isn't the purpose of this post...for me to brag about how I have transformed him into a normal dressing human being.

Honestly when I asked the sweet man if he had any suggestions for the mess...I was only doing it because I like him to think he has input and that I listen to his ideas yeah right.  So when I sought the dirtpushers advice on how to handle this disaster...I could read what was going to come out of his mouth before he said it..he says with a chuckle ..."well.. we could start with a match..." Yeah right .... I swear that guy is smoking crack when I'm not looking.  I was hoping that he would offer to to do a total remodel of this entry way with a ton of shelves for shoes...endless hanging spots for coats, scarves and sweaters...a girl can dream.  I want it too look like included

I'm on the damn WW123 plan again and I'm starving to case anyone cares
I bought a new pair of shoes today....I doubt he will notice.

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