Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rock Hard

Please be advised...I am eating a Large fry from Wendy's while eating..I mean writing this could be a little salty...sea salty.

I titled this post Rock Hard..because I'm betting it will help me get a broader viewing audience.  Jokes on them eh'.

Rowdy has started basketball.  It is fun...watching all of the weirdo's at the local recreation I don't judge watching Rowdy be adorable.  He is really good at being adorable...he always does this thing when he watches me walk in.  He looks at me and smirks and winks and I can hear him clicking his cheek...even though I'm not close enough to actually hear it.  I'm also thinking that he is cuter with his eye brows...thank god they are growing back.

When I'm there watching Rowdy, it is hard not to notice all of the people around me...working out...jerks.  I catch myself talking to myself in my head. It probably does not surprise you to know that I actually have a lot of dialog with myself going on in my head..many is exhausting.  I'm not sure if that is a mental disorder or not.

I'm there at the 'Place of Excercise' and I see these people making healthy choices in their lives...I think to and the dirtpusher should do this.....and I actually get excited about it.  Thinking that we could do all of these activities together.  I picture us on the treadmill or elliptical.. side by side.  Laughing...visiting..and looking awesome ....I would be wearing hot yoga pants and a sports bra...showing off my six pack abs while making running look effortless...and flawless without make-up or a big tada with the hair.  He would look good too...but I'm mostly focusing on me here.  I would not be gasping for air and hanging off the side rails begging for mercy.  Then I remember I'm supposed to be watching Rowdy.

that's actually a picture of me and is
Me yelling here.... "Way to go bud!  Way to be aggressive!  I have no idea what is going on in the game.

Then I notice the skinny lady walking the track...and I mean skinny....nothing but bones here people.  Shouldn't she be out eating a milk shake or something?  If I was that skinny I would not be exercising.

My attention goes back to the bouncing ball game...oh yeah  "REBOUND!  JUMP TO THE DAMN BALL!!!!"  I love being a supportive mom.

Daydreaming again...about lifting weights with the dirtdigger..he has this chest that is absolutely delicious and we may have a small make out session in the weightlifting department...or whatever you call it.

And then I notice the fat lady trying to run the track...mood killer.  Seeeee this is exactly what I am scared of...looking like this in boobs bouncing uncontrollably...its not good to have large prevents me from exercising..yeah that's the reason.

Before I know it the game is in the fourth quarter and the dirtpusher and I have been to Yoga, ran sprints, did abdominal training with the big bouncy ball and my head of course.  I've managed to shout out a few ...'There you go's' to Rowdy.  I think in my head about how.. if me and dirtman fit this workout regimen into our schedules like we need to...and we want to do it together...that it will mean less time with the kids in the evening doing family activities...pffttt yeah right...what i really mean is TV watching, pintrest, facebook, and blogging.

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