Saturday, December 31, 2011 friend

I started this post a few months ago after a dear friend of mine passed away suddenly.  It was too hard to finish at the time...but I look back now with a smile on my face.  I feel so lucky to have been able to call him my friend.

I feel like I am getting back to normal....shut up...I mean my normal..

My friend DNorm died a few weeks ago and I have been soooo sooo sad..I know...get over it...move on...that's what I am doing!

I am also taking care of his cat...he loved this cat...actually he loved this cat more than he loved me I know this for a fact....I was always a pain in his ass......and who wouldn't love this furry feline.  He is adorable...loves to be loved and kissed and dragged around.....

i will forever take care of this sweet face

But I hope that David is enjoying know in the arms of God's love surrounded by love and kindness and eternal happiness...cuz I have been very busy cleaning up cat hair and scooping a litter box....

I was thinking recently about a trip to Mexico last October where we met up and did a few fun things.

On one of our excursions we visited Chichen of the ancient Mayan ruins.  We signed up for this trip at the last minute...DNorms idea of course...not the part of visiting the ruins..but the part of planning to do it the very last second...which totally goes against my grain...I'm a planner... and he liked to pull shit out of his ass.  But we pulled it off...and we where excited to take a luxury bus with a fabulous lunch with FREE all you can drink drinks and a traditional Mayan meal at the site.  The brochure specifically said 'luxury'.

The luxury bus turned out to be a cramped tourist trap full of sweaty people and the lunch.. consisted of a dry and tasteless turkey sandwich... and the drink that came with it looked like this..----->

I think it may have contained barely over 2 ounces...which was hilarious to watch DNorm drink because this was a very large man drinking out of a juice box smaller than his hand with an itty bitty straw.  Very thirst quenching for him I'm sure...very luxurious.  I thought I would live large and have a free diet soda.  Let me tell you this before you are dup'd in Mexico...the diet soda doesn't taste like diet soda.  I took one drink..gagged and attempted to hang onto the can the entire very bumpy bus ride in hopes of finding a trash at the end of the ride.

Well...I hung on to the can...if that counts for anything.  I managed to spill most of it all over DNorm due to the bumpy ride and because the arm rest I was using kept slipping...this is the type of shit I would do to annoy him on accident....everytime I would spill down his leg and into his flip flop....he would do this ..."hummmphhh"...*rolling of the eyes" thing he tended to do to me a lot. 

We also spent a day in Cancun.  DNorm thought it would be 'fun' to take Mexican public transportation to reach Cancun.  Our day included a beautiful beach, my debit card forgotten in an ATM machine, eating a great Mexican meal and dancing, haggling with shopkeepers, a pirate cruise along with a heart to heart regarding some of the things weighing deep in the big guy's heart.

I will forever be grateful.



  1. Norm seems like a great guy w a great cat. And a great travel partner.

  2. A great friend he was to you, love this pictures and I love any man who loves his animals. It is a wonderful thing for you to take his child/cat, he is such a cutie!