Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I will NOT throw a fit

For the love of God....Change the damn toilet paper roll!
I know when I started this blog I told you I had important things to say.  Well apparently my mom was idea of important may not be what others believe is important...pffft whatever.  I have yet to inform you about the issues of the world, give you good advice, teach you how too cook or how to get stains out of your carpet.  My spelling sucks and my grammar has a lot to be shoot me.  But I LOVE to make lists and publishing my lists on Blogger gives me a lot more satisfaction than just simply writing them down on paper. 

There are a lot of things I wish my kids would do...without being asked. my snot faced bratty spoiled rotten lovely children.

1.  Change the damn toilet paper roll...AND place the empty roll in the trash.  As my BFF Alyster would say.."This isn't Earth Science folks"....maybe you have to work in a science environment to get that...I don't know..

2.  Stop pushing the garbage down when it no longer will be allowed to be pushed down.  Take the damn garbage out. ....AND...drum roll here...PUT A NEW BAG IN THE CAN!

3 Hampers Folks.  They are handy little contraptions that hold dirty have them in your rooms..if you need help locating them...see me.  They make it easy for me to gather the laundry...rather than trying to figure out what is clean and what is dirty...from the piles on the floor than you have been stepping on.

4. I know I'm pushing it here...but could you use a hanger?  Normal people use hampers and hangers. 

5.  When someone else is talking..even though we all know what you have to say is very very very important...stop yelling over the others...

6.  Don't shave your eyebrows off and then wonder why I'm calling you 'The Stupid One'.

7.  If you are gonna stress out about your grades...get out a textbook...apparently they hold information who knew?...soak it up...or get no sympathy.

8.  When I tell you to make something for yourself for dinner...that does not mean I want you to eat a whole bag of Doritos and drink a soda.

9.  Set your alarm...AND get up!

10.  Stop trying to sneak in with your shoes on thinking I won't know...I can see your footprints on the hardwood.

11.  The dirtpusher and I do not need to hear about all of the things you want and dream about...constantly.   Get a job.

And for a finale'.....Be Nice to each other.

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