Sunday, August 7, 2011

My momma used to WHIP our asses...

Do you remember not too long ago...

I almost got my arsss kicked?...if not..looky here....She says I'm a piece of shit....

Well luckily I escaped a good whippin.  Trust me...I don't think the woman that had the voice of Lucifer and the snarl to match...uses a flyswatter like my momma is a lady (I use the term lady...very very loosely) that is 4'10" on a tall day and used to run around in circles trying to catch us whipping that thing around....

when she caught us...this is what it looked like...*smirk*
No..this woman is nothing like my momma.... I'm sure she would have knocked my ass out with her manly fist....BAM...I would have been down for the count....

Anyway...that's not the point...I had a comment on this particular blog that said "You are a bitch Tracey".

I'm happy that someone actually commented on a post.  I was pretty sure the commenter was my friend BeCorb but he insists that he just calls me a bitch to my face and would never do it Anonymously.   

I can't even get my own family to comment on my posts.  People...I'm writing here...Can I get a little feedback.  There is somebody out there that obviously doesn't even like me and can take the time to leave a comment..even if it is Anonymous...


  1. Well tracey that BeCorb person sounds awesome. Who knows maybe you are B***H, but probably not.

  2. Awww, Tracey! Love all your posts!!

  3. I love all your posts to, but I love you more!

  4. Since when did you give 2 shits about what people think? =)

  5. well...i don't..unless i like what they think *snicker*