Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Not Always The Little Things...Sometimes It Is The Big Things

I am not this cute when I am irritable

I came home yesterday irritable and annoyed.

I don't know why.  I had a good day at the place of employment.

No one trapped me into talking to them when I didn't feel like it.

I got to hang out with two of my best girlfriends which is one of the best perks of the J.O.B.  Although there was a small discussion about this blog, I'm pretty sure Emma is a little nervous about me saying something she would rather I not.  I think Emma thinks I babble too, although she would never say it out loud.  I have a gut feeling her and my mother meet over coffee to discuss this issue...anyway... Emma seems concerned about keeping her anonymity.  I'm not really sure why any of that would worry her....pfffttt.  Emma is perfect.  She is smart (a published Molecular Biologist...I have a hard time even pronouncing that), she is funny, and almost always focused on the task at hand.  I spend most of my days trying to convince the boss that she is distracting ME with her non-stop babble in hopes that I will move up to the number one seat... "the favorite".  That is a whole other topic.

I personally didn't have any "My wife is trying to kill me...can you test my body tissue?" phone calls.

My phone was relatively quiet and after being absent the day before I only had a few emails and phone calls to tend to.  Not the normal "this is what you get for being gone" piles of crap on my desk.

Regardless of the day I was still irritable.

I got home and the Dirt Pusher was there waiting for me to go for a walk.  One of my favorite things.  Just me and him alone and me free to babble till my heart is content.  I like when I talk and he just nods his head in agreement and thinks the sun shines off my ass.  I believe this may be the reason this relationship works.

When he got out of his truck and met me in the driveway I noticed he had on the new leather shoes I had bought him for Christmas.  I instantly noticed all of the scuffs on the toes.  I asked him what he had been doing.  And he replied "I was helping so and so put down some new wood floors."  The Dirt Pusher does not understand that if you are going to be working in the yard, tearing engines apart, gutting animals or doing construction that you might not want to wear your "good" clothes.  I tried to hide my annoyance although unsuccessfully.  Luckily he has this adorable grin that makes me smile.  The Dirt Pusher thinks there is no need for more than two of any garment (one to wear and one for the wash).  He says.."Wear it till it wears out..then get a new one."  This applies to shoes, shirts, pants, get the point.  He is a man of little needs. (I am thankful this rule doesn't apply to underwear.)

For the first mile of our walk we went back and forth on the topic of as to why he should or should not wear these shoes everyday until the soles fall off regardless of what the task of the day might be.  He can't grasp the concept of changing if something unplanned comes up.  Eventually he agreed I was right.  This is usually the ending I am looking for... although Dr. Phil would say *southern accent* "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy"  I think Dr. Phil is a dick...and when I am right I am happy.  I don't think the Dirt Pusher agreed because he actually agrees, I think he just wanted the conversation to move on.  Which I am glad it did.  We discussed a lot of things over the next mile (yes he can actually get in a word here and there).  We talked and walked and a few times he would say something and I would say..."See this is exactly why I love you!"  All of the core morals and values are the same.  All of the important things.

So I will not mention again when he is changing the oil in his new jeans.  I might twinge a little and clean up around him in my typical obsessive way.. but I know he will love me anyway.  Plus..I will have more room in the closet. 

Did I mention that he did some painting today?  He his new shoes.

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