Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rosa's 'It is OK' Christmas Edition

Do you remember a LONG time ago when I was a quick witted smart blogger that only had 13 followers? yeah whatever Well I still only have 13 followers, but I'm not bitter, really it's fine, totally fine.   Well, I had this great idea inspired by a monthly column in the Glamour magazine.  I want to make people feel like "Hey, it's OK to be weird".  One of the first posts stating "It's OK" is right here in case you missed it.  Click This Butterbuns.  

Well I think it is time for a Christmas Edition of 'It's OK'

-  It is OK to watch 'A Christmas Story' over and over and over.  Did you now that this movie was a total flop when it was released in theaters in 1983?   

Seriously, this guy is cracked out.  Who knows what he is capable of.
-  It is OK to think that stinking 'Elf on a Shelf' is just plain creepy.  If I was a kid I would be freaked out by this spindly little punk.  He just sits there with these little beady eyes thinking "I am going to watch you while you sleep little girl."  I would bet the Elf on a Shelf owns one of those suspicious conversion vans without windows.   

-  It is OK to not really be in the mood for Christmas until about 3 days before the 25th and then be all "fAAAALLLAAALAAAAA".

-  It is OK to make your little kid sit on Santa's lap even though they are screaming bloody murder, because really, there is no better picture than a kid freaked out by the big fat man in a red suit.

-  It is OK to consider SNL's 'Schweddy Ball's' skit with Alec Baldwin one of the best things that has come from Christmas.  It is the gift that just keeps giving. 

Merry Christmas from the Side.

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