Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Tale of Two Shenanigators

(Note:  This is a post I started a few weeks ago and didn't finish.  I gots some serious writers block.  Help me people!)


Had a great weekend. 

The weekend started out with a date.  Date night with Trudy.  We shopped.  It is what we do well together.  We are like crack addicts cracking together.  It is a sick relationship.  We encourage each other in bad spending behavior.  But I am NOT visiting local hookah smoke shops with her, so I feel superior to some of the other parents I know.  I try to keep expectations low.

I spent quite a bit of time with my sister on Saturday.  Her and I are NOTHING alike.  Which is why I love her.  We met up with my dad and Stella for a Christmas light parade in the evening, and afterwards we decided to get some dinner.  Dad's treat of course. 

My sister has two heartbreakingly adorable naughty in a cute way girls.  They are 3 and 1.  See pic below for proof of cuteness...and also my way of showing those cute faces off.

They look innocent.  They are working up shenanigans in their head's, I know the look.

Watching my sister wrangle these two kids at any time is awesome for me.  The dialog in my head usually looks like this.  "Oh..Wow."  "Oh..My."  "Holy shit I'm exhausted just watching."  "I gotta get home." 

But I will say, watching her keep them occupied or somewhat contained while waiting for our food for WAY too long, was incredibly entertaining for myself, Stella and my dad.  Luckily my sister didn't notice we were laughing at her expense, because that is not nice.   

So in true 'Rosa' fashion, I have made a list.  This was my nieces 'to do' list for the day. 

-  Remove shoes and socks and drop them randomly while mom is strolling you in the double stroller.  Be sure to do this when she isn't looking, so she doesn't notice until you leave the building.
-  Give kisses (manipulation tactic).
-  Need to go potty, but don't actually go while on the toilet.
-  Pick your nose and eat it.
-  Eat crayons.
-  Try to dump creamer in your drink even though you are broke out in a huge rash from food allergies and you are most allergic to dairy.  Mom freaks at this one.
-  Throw a fit because you want creamer.
-  This is a good time for sweet kisses and 'I love you's' gets em every time.
-  Eat crayons.
-  Insist on touching all of the splenda packets.
-  Need to go potty.
-  Eat crayons.
-  Insist that you do EVERYTHING yourself.
-  Decide you don't need a lid on your drink.
-  Eat crayons.
-  Demand in a loud yell "I WANT POP!"
-  Don't stay in your chair while at the dinner table.
-  Whatever it is sister has in her hands, demand to have it and throw a fit.  NO SUBSTITUTIONS.  It doesn't matter if you really want it or not.  Just throw a fit.
-  Desperately need Chapstick, and repeat Aunt Rosa when she calls it 'Lip Shit'.
-  Eat crayons.
-  Give kisses with crayon lips.

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