Sunday, August 12, 2012

Picnic Crashers

Picnic Crashers....imagine 'Wedding Crashers'..the movie...only Trudy is Vince Vaughn and Rowdy is Owen Wilson...and it's a PICNIC...and I would really hope there would be a lot less sex and cussing...

I qualify for the Worst Mom of the ...well ever.. in history...for many reasons.  If you need a reminder check out I'm a sucky mom   <----click that 

I had this horrible brilliant idea driving home from work last week.  We have moved recently and there is a nice shortcut I can take to one of the main roadways in town to and from our house.  It takes you around a community park with a lake with lots of activities going on in the summer, baseball fields and lots of socializing...looks lovely if you like picnics.

I knew when I got home I would have the *annoying voice here* "what is for dinner ma"..blah blah blah.  Let me say..both of these people are old enough to make their own food...and it really annoys me that they expect me to do more than furnish the food.  These people know I do NOT like cooking.  I would rather stab myself in random body parts most days than cook food.

While driving...I thought...look at all of that food...conveniently at dinner time.  Now understand...I am a HUGE fan of saving money too.  It is perfect.  Dinner for free and I don't have to cook...thinking...thinking..

All these hungry kids need to go over and join a party..I am very excited about this there are several parties going on every evening to choose from and... they can just pretend like they belong there this is brainlesss.  Eat...and then magically leave Rowdy will prolly try to score a couple of girlfriends ...AND it is practically right in our back yard I am a fan of convenience...SCORE!  Dinner... served every night folks...and it will get them out of my hair for a while.

Rowdy and Truds would be perfect for this sort of gig....they are very friendly, fun, quick witted, cute,love to talk to strangers and those two can really get their dance on...Rowdy specifically has some pretty catchy moves...and I can really see them working their way into a group of people...laughing...making other people laugh.. and making this horrible brilliant get my ass into trouble with DFS idea work..all while doing the 'Dougie'.

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