Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Confessional

I just read back the post I sent over the world wide web the other night and noticed that there was an error in one of the final paragraphs..annoying...I would like to say this an error on blogger but unfortunately I'm just a really shitty proofreader.  I don't have the patience for proofreading.  That was my apology...I'm shitty at apologies too.

I was trying to point out that Trudy would be most likely to be seen in an episode of Extreme Hoarding within a year of living on her own ....and that she is supposed to be SAVING her money not spending it at the thrift stores.  But any who....whatever.

That isn't my confession.  Anybody that has read this blog or knows me...knows to expect grammatical/proofreading errors from me.

I do have a Sunday confession.  I am prejudiced.  Don't jump to conclusions.  I love most people.  I could care less if you are black, purple, Mormon,  redneck, stupid actually I don't like stupid people, Christian, Democrat, Republican, gay, bi-sexual hey we all got to get our sex on.  You get the point.  Actually I love being around people that are different than me.  I take in every moment with strangers and have a yearning for learning different customs and way of life and learning what makes people tick.  I have a dream that was very Martin Luther eh' that someday I will be able to travel the world and talk to strangers.  I know... I dream big.

Unless you look like this...

This it is just too distracting.  I can't focus.  I can't talk to you if you look like this.  If I try to talk I usually just end up mid sentence with my train of thought....gone.  I may stare with amazement head tilted... as I imagine myself yelling "Free Yourself!"  I probably have a look of disgust too...I apologize for this.  My thoughts are read across my face without me even realizing it.    I will also assume you drive an oversize vehicle like a Hummer or something stupid like that because you clearly have no idea that sometimes less is more.  Okay...there is another prejudice...people who drive over sized vehicles.  I need to stop.....

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