Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be Thankful

My Thankful Face
I think it's only fitting that I write a riveting post on being thankful blah blah blah.  After all it is November...the month of THANKSGIVING and I promised my friend, The Betch they call "The Onion', that I would write something that she wouldn't be able to pull herself away from...yeah right

It may come as a surprise considering I am at times sarcastic and dry..but I am full of gratitude everyday.  I have a lot of things to be thankful for and at times so overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude that my heart feels like it could explode and it brings tears...shut up.  So here is my ABC's of Gratitude....I thought this would be good opportunity to make a list..i love a good list

A. air...yeah i need it.  *I know it is already hard to stop.... hanging on to my every word*
B. Books...i love my freedom to read what I want..when I want and how I want...usually in my llllouuungggge bra
C. candy, caramel and chocolate and nuts..i don't care if nuts do not start with a C..I like them
D. dad...i love my dad...he is hilarious, fun, dependable, adorable, smart and sometimes still embarrassing...and i like my dog too...she is cute...SEEEE

she clearly has a VERY rough life
E. Energy - we have a lot of it in the Powder River Basin....and I'm thankful for the industry...i just wish I had a little more under my ass somedays
G.  God and his GRACE and patience and love..and forgiveness...I feel like I give him plenty of practice on the patience and forgiveness thing
H. convenient is walking up to the thermostat and simply pushing a button...I read a book called The Children's Blizzard several years ago and since then...i have not taken heat nor the technology we have for predicting storms for the book...its a good read
I. I'm not thankful for anything that starts with the letter I...sorry I
J.  Jesus....duhhh
K. Karen, Kathy, KGinger, Kristi ..yeah I added a K, whatchu gonna do?..Kaycee, KBobbi Kaylee, KCourtney..yeah i added a couple more K's..its my life, and Kiley.  These are some of my family members I may or may not be particularly fond of... how the hell did I get a name that starts with T...oops I mean R?
L. love and lounge pants..mostly lounge pants 
M. Money...the more I have the more thankful I am *snicker*
N. Anyone that knows me ...knows *cough cough* Nuts
O. Oma...otherwise known as Deborah the Whora...or mom.  In her defense she really is not a floozy...she just looks like one

maybe its the handcuffs she carries around...i don't know
P. *whispering* The Pretty Little Liar's book series...don't judge me
Q. quiet...i like when I hear quiet...with four kids in this house its a commodity...i would even pay for it...although prolly not much cuz I'm cheap
R. Rowdy...he makes me proud..and he is cute
S. Sullivans...
T. Tader...ooops I mean Trudy...that kid and I...well.. we are a team..always will be...together we have made it through some pretty shitty stuff...together we can do anything...unless it requires tools..then we are pretty much screwed
U. upside down...i can still stand on my head...its one of those things i will be able to do till I'm 90...and it is fun
V. Vowels and Verbs...cuz I like words *wuuuurrrdddd*
W. Word of the Day from Merriam Websters...i really like words
X. common people...nothing good starts with X
Y. yardsticks...i don't know..i guess so i can measure shit...can't think of anything that stars with Y besides yammering and who likes a whiner?
Z. the fall back in November for daylight savings time...which means an extra hour of sleep one day of the year....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. I tried not to laugh out loud and wake Special Agent. The result was some weird snorts. Rockin' list. Made me miss the one Blogger ate (#needstomoveon). cream? X might be P90X, X-cept O hate exercise.