Saturday, July 28, 2012

I DO have important things to say!

Do you remember when I started this blog and I promised that I had important things to say...and then I didn't?  Well guess what!  I have something important to pass on...this is very exciting!    This is not the post where I am going to announce that I will be running for president with a sassy campaign slogan like .."Legalize Marijuana For a Happy America!"  I think I will need to work on covering up some of my past marriages before I run for Pres...I'm afraid to give off the 'I'm not into commitment' thing I've got going on.  I have a feeling that to be elected would need people to think that you can stick with something longer than 3 1/2 months.

Anyway...back to my VERY important announcement no I'm not pregnant....Well you know I love that's not the important thing..I have discovered a a way to drink AND keep my coffee hot.  I HAVE to have my coffee hot...not sort of hot...HOT....and I was constantly re-warming in the microwave...I drink shoot me.  Are you ready......

You can find at Shop ...Thermos Nissan Products

This is it!  Keeps your coffee hot for like 12 hours!  It is amazing!  And if I was Oprah...I would give one away to the whole audience!!!  But I'm buy your own...or figure out how to get on my Christmas List...


  1. You always re-warm you coffee in the microwave? I think I may have had a hand in that - and not by choice...

  2. know who...i don't know who you are...

  3. It took you long enough to figure it out.

  4. git your ass over here...and warm up my one else will make music video's with me's all just a bunch of b.s.